Mosaic Lime Green Decorative Paper Star Light Shade

Mosaic Lime Green Paper Star Light Shades & Lanterns Lit Up Mosaic Lime Green Paper Star Party Decorations

Mosaic Green is a hand-made 5-tipped lime green lampshade that shines with a startling brilliance. Light glows through zesty lime green tissue paper inserts against a contrasting brilliant white background, and a clever interlocking geometrical design, inspired by the beauty and accuracy of a Roman mosaic, creates an engaging visual motif.

Used as a pendant ceiling light shade, a lively green dappling effect creates a revitalising spring ambience anywhere in your house whatever the season, and brings the freshness of the outdoors - indoors. With its clean lines and geometric precision, this hand-printed lantern is a stylish addition to a room, and its vibrant lime green tone and stimulating design make it ideal for nurseries and playrooms, as well as conservatories, summer houses, sheds and other outdoor spaces. Swap an electric light bulb for a hanging LED light if there is no power source.

Our paper stars are very easy to assemble, view our page on how to assemble your paper star light shades for an instructional video.

Star Lantern Style:
Paper Weight:
170 GSM
Star Point Length:
Star Paper Colour:
Lime Green
Number of Star Points:
Total Star Size:

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Please note: The lanterns do not come with a Light Fitting by default; if you would like to buy one with the Lantern, please add a fitting to your cart with the button below.

Battery Powered LED Bulb on a Rope for Paper Stars

LED Bulb On A Rope

The first lighting solution we offer is an LED Bulb on a Rope which takes 3x AAA batteries to be powered, we also can supply packs of 12 GP Ultra AAA Alkaline batteries, allowing you to light up your stars for as long as possible!

4m White UK Ceiling Hanging Light Fitting

UK Only White Light Fitting Cable (4m)

This light fitting is ready made with 4 metres of white cable (long enough to hang your Starlight pretty much anywhere), a 3 pin UK plug on one end, and a Screw Cap (Edison E14) lamp holder on the other. Please note: for indoor use only.