Star Lanterns - Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions about our products? In this page we will aim to answer them.

They come flat. You simply open them up one point at a time and tie the two cords together to form a perfect star.

Your star can then be used as a lampshade over any ordinary pendant light fitting with a low wattage bulb. The wattage of your bulb should not exceed 40 watts.

Instructions are provided with each lantern and you can watch a video which shows you how to open it.

As well as a lampshade, your star can be used with a cable and lamp holder as a decorative lantern.

Yes, all PaperStarlights' lanterns are British Standard tested and comply with BS EN 60598-1: 2008.

Each star light comes with full assembly instructions and there is also an instructional video on this website.

Just make sure that the wattage of your light bulb does not exceed 40 watts - we think the stars look great with a low wattage light bulb or an LED light, so you can get creative! As they are paper stars, your star light should not be used with a candle and should be kept away from naked flames.

In India.

For 20 years the people behind PaperStarlights have worked closely with a small family businnes in India to develop exclusive ranges of these wonderful and simple paper lanterns. The product of a long and happy working relationship, each piece is equitably traded and made by people who work in a happy, secure and supportive environment. Find out more by reading our Fair Trade Policy

Originally produced to celebrate 'Diwali' the Hindu festival of light, star light lanterns lift the mood and bring a spirit of light and celebration to any occasion.

Each star light is handmade with great pride using good quality weight paper, with a superior finish. The production process is traditional and non-mechanized; each section of the star is printed using traditional methods, the perforations in the design hand punched, the tissue paper cut and fixed in place by hand and the star assembled using geometric skill and accuracy. Each star is then carefully checked before being packaged.

Due to this non-mechanized process, there may be tiny inconsistencies in shade and design, which should not be viewed as flaws, rather as evidence that they are hand-made by real people not machines!

A Star Light Lantern doesn't just have to be for Christmas! They can be used all year round as a lampshade or for parties.

They also make cool camping lanterns and stunning wedding lights.

However, if you want to use your star light as one of those special Christmas decorations that come out every year, your star will fold perfectly flat for storage and can be used again and again, year after year.

The structural design of the lanterns is very clever. Don't be put off by the fact they are made from paper. They are thick and sturdy, and the weighted paper is perfectly cut, pasted, and constructed, so that when assembled the lantern is very strong.

For many years if you don't treat them mean! We have customers who have had their lanterns in daily use for years. They may get a bit dusty over time, but can be cleaned using a dry cloth. Some colours may fade a bit in direct sunlight over many years due to the use of natural pigments. However, hung indoors and according to the instructions, they really will last for years. Please note that your lantern isn't suitable for wet weather conditions or for bathrooms as the steam will spoil the paper.

Many people have known and seen paper stars, or star lanterns or paper starlights for years. We think PaperStarlights are some of the loveliest anywhere, and made to an exceptionally high quality.

There is a depth of colour, luminescence, and beauty to them that is unmatched in others.

The paper card and materials are robust, and the design and making process is done by hand with experience and care.

The artistry and attention to detail behind each lantern cannot be beaten, and each star is rigorously checked and tested to the highest standards before despatch.

PaperStarlights are handmade by really nice people, and fairly traded, and have been for 20 years

We despatch monday to friday and aim to despatch the next day, orders made after 1pm will be guaranteed dispatch by 2 days. A 48 hour courier will be used for smaller parcels and for larger parcels a 24 hour courier will be used.

That depends on the design. As a rule, the lighter the colour of the paper, the paler the glow, e.g. white and ivory would give out a paler light than, say red or violet. Then you need to consider whether you select a design with tissue inserts or punched-out perforations. The perforations create a bright twinkly effect, and would give out more light than the tissue inserts. So - on a scale, the Starry White - (white paper, star perforations) will give out the most light and Violet Lace will give out the least. If you wish to use your Starlight as your main light source for a room, then we recommend Starry White, Ivory Lace, Sequin, Ivory Lace Deluxe, Fiesta White, Aster White/ Black; Aster Sandstone, North Star, Sunny White, Supernova White, and any of the Spirit range.