About Star Light Lanterns & Lamp Shades

Our Starlight Lanterns make ingenious lampshades and atmospheric decor for parties and celebrations. They are hand-made from superior quality hand screen printed paper and designed to fit easily over a standard pendant light bulb fitting or LED light.

Each Star Light is flat-packed and consists of interlocking points of geometric accuracy. Simple to use, each point folds open consecutively to form a star shape which, when placed over a light bulb, is transformed into a beautiful 3-dimensional source of light.

Watch our Assembly Video to see how it's done.

Our Star Lights are significantly higher quality than many lanterns on the market which are designed for short-term use, i.e. one party or occasion. Because our lanterns are made using higher grades of paper with superior finishes, they can be stored and re-used over and over again, for example as a Christmas decoration - or displayed over a longer period of time, for example as a star lampshade.

Each starlight is made with artistry, expertise and pride. It is a meticulous process which takes time and ensures that the quality of each piece is the best it can be.

Whether used as an atmospheric lampshade, a classic decorative centerpiece; or evocative Christmas decoration, a Starlight is a piece of timeless design for any occasion, celebration or party.

Starlight Lanterns are individually screen-printed in a spectrum of dazzling colours and patterns, a traditional process which creates unrivalled depth and richness of tone. Ambient light effects are created through hand-punched perforations in the Starlight, which release the light and cast moving patterns of light around a room. Coloured tissue inserts applied over the perforations produce a stunning stained glass effect.

The light emitted through the hand punched star shapes and pin holes creates an intricate 'twinkle' effect which, along with the projections of light across walls and ceiling, adds instant ambience to any room or occasion. The tissue inserts produce a tinted glow in a myriad of colours which will soften the light and create a gentle radiance which subtly transforms a space, be it your home, office, marquee, shop or celebration.

Starlight Lanterns are fairly traded. They are handmade from responsibly sourced paper by a small family business in India who have been making stars for two generations. For 20 years our partners have worked closely with them to create new ranges of these dynamic, yet simple paper lanterns, which, with their unrivaled luminescence, have become a tradition for two generations of customers. Find out more by reading our Fair Trade Policy